Virunga National Park
Status Update
Virunga National Park remains closed for the time being. We are hopeful they will reopen early 2019. If you would like to hear when the park reopens, please let us know (send us an email) or register for our newsletter. In the mean time, please scroll down or browse our website to see some spectacular alternatives to Virunga!

Feeling like a Jungle Adventure? Travel to Odzala National Park in Congo Brazzaville and get a chance to see Western Lowland Gorillas, Forest Elephants and wade, paddle, drive and float through the dense jungle of the Congo Basin.


Book now for travel between 29th of Nov and the 14th of January and get your return flights from Brazzaville to Odzala for free!

Note: There is also a special offer for single travelers, you can join group trips every 1st Monday and Thursday of the month, avoiding single supplement charges.

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Inspired Journeys is offering the unique opportunity to join Ethan (our head guide and co-founder of Inspired Journeys) on a pioneering trip to the Central African Republic

Ethan will take you deep into the jungle to Dzanga Sangha Reserve in search of Western Lowland Gorillas and other secrets of the jungle. Departure date is set for 1st May 2019  places are limited, so contact us for more information.

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At INSPIRED JOURNEYS we believe in Africa. Not just the parts everyone knows, but especially what we like to call UNCONVENTIONAL AFRICA. The blurry spots on the tourism maps that were either never accessible or forgotten after troubled times. Like Virunga National Park in the Congo (DRC), Dzanga Sangha National Park in Central African Republic (CAR), or Odzala in Congo (Brazaville). These are the places that still offer true authentic EXPERIENCES, and where as a traveler you can make a REAL IMPACT.

We ASPIRE TO INSPIRE our guests to experience something AUTHENTIC and EXCITING and whenever possible in a way that contributes to the COMMUNITIES and CONSERVATION of the areas they visit, by using service providers, hotels and lodges that reinvest their earnings in conservation and community support.

Have a browse around our website and drop us a line if you have any questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you, and to find out WHERE YOUR INSPIRATION WILL TAKE YOU!

Ethan Kinsey

Ethan Kinsey co-founder Inspired Journeys

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